Angel Sue Underarm Cream


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The Original Angel Sue Underarm Creams

The original Angel Sue Undearm cream before, magic cream was used for face, body, arms, legs and as a deodorant as well due to its licorice extract that whitens the skin. Due to misconceptions on how to use it for deodorant purposes, unwanted stretch marks occurred. We came to an idea of having magic cream separated and came a new product Angel Sue Underarm Cream exclusive for underarm only. It has a unique formula from natural help extracts which eliminates body odor up to 48 hours. Other deodorants last only within 6-8 hours. Retains its freshness all day long, whitens underarm gradually, eliminates underarm sweating.

For best results to whiten your underarm, apply a very small amount of Angel Sue Underarm cream every morning after half bath.

Caution: Angel Sue Underarm cream should be applied after taking a bath.

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