Angel Sue has become a fast growing company nationwide as well as world wide. Yet it remains today what I, Angelita “Susan” Damag (Angel Sue) first envisioned and dreamed….a company with a heart.

I envisioned a company in which any person could become just as successful as she wanted to be…that Angel Sue would become an instrument where people can look and feel their best.

I have founded the company on the Golden Rule and emphasized the importance of sharing and giving to others. That’s why every day at Angel Sue Office, we strive to make a difference, it is a part of our mission, and we are honored to continue Angel Sue’s legacy of changing lives.

I’ve always said that we are doing something far more important than just selling our products enabling personal growth and fulfillment for those whose lives we touch around the world.

It is our company’s outmost commitment to offer you the finest product available, products that have earned the trust and loyalty of millions of people worldwide. Our product safety is our highest priority.

Angel Sue….Products You Can Trust….

A Company You Can Believe In….

There was a phrase from the book of Rick Warren’s “The purpose driven life” states if you want to keep growing the best way to learn is to pass on what you have learned, which inspired Angelita “Susan” Damag, a consistent user of magic cream for seven years to find means to be able to share her overwhelming satisfaction when the skin problems on her face was cured. She had tried all kinds of facial treatments from ordinary ways to her very high end procedure of treatments, but unfortunately, wasted her time and money.

She was overwhelmed with the results with magic cream. She also gave away some magic cream to her circle of friends with the same skin problems. She came with the idea of repacking affordable, in reasonable prices due to the present state of our country’s economy. Fortunately it was a positive response and there was an increasing demand which started only from her group of friends who helped her and she decided to make it a full time business. Thus, Angel Sue Marketing was conceived and started its operation last March 28, 2005.

Angel Sue Marketing launched its amazing Magic Cream and Magic Soap in the year its operation started, which made tremendous mark in the market. It was then followed by the Angel Sue Magic Toner, Angel Sue Sunblock with SPF60, Angel Sue Body Moisturizing Cream and Angel Sue Pimple Cream in the year 2006 which also captured the heart of the users. When 2007 came in, Angel Sue Marketing launched its Underarm Cream and Fragrances which again received heartwarming compliments from the consistent users of Angel Sue Products. As the last quarter of the year was fast approaching, Angel Sue introduced Angel Sue Scented Lotions, Skin Repair Solutions, Facial Cleanser and Body Wash products you simply can’t resist when it comes to pampering your skin and again made a great mark in the market.

At present, our products are BFAD approved and we cater to almost all of the leading drugstore and department stores here in Davao City, Davao del Sur, Davao del Norte and Davao Oriental. Angel Sue had also conquered Cotabato City, General Santos City, Zamboanga and other major cities in Visayas and Mindanao as well as worldwide.
Extensive marketing, advertising and promotions are going on, to be able to solicit more clients. Tri-Media (T.V., Radio, Print) product sampling, streamers and flyers are utilized to enhance exposure of our products. A website is also acquire for online shopping, a convenient way for our clients particularly in the international market.

Angel Sue Marketing is very privileged to inform our dearly loved clients who keep patronizing Angel Sue products that in the near future Angel Sue will be distributing Cosmetics (Make-Up) for satisfaction of out dear clients.
Angel Sue also develops good quality products that are high end in quality, the company also gives full assurance that Angel Sue product users will be satisfied to the maximum level.