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It contains double sunscreen protection which protects your skin from Harmful UV rays. It moisturizes your skin and treatment of blackheads, pimples, freckles and other skin impurities.


A very unique formula enriched of licorice extract that whitens the skin and chamomile extract to protect the skin from allergies, tea tree and aloe vera extract which is highly effective in eliminating acne, remove pimple scars in maximum of 60 days, cleanses and closes pores, maintains skin tone and imparts healthy glowing face. Cure pimples in just 5 to 7 days.


The original Angel Sue Undearm cream before, magic cream was used for face, body, arms, legs and as a deodorant as well due to its licorice extract that whitens the skin. Due to misconceptions on how to use it for deodorant purposes, unwanted stretch marks occurred.


A natural skin whitening formula enriched of Licorice extract ,Vitamin E & C. Hypoallergenic and anti bacterial,deep cleanses and removes dead skin gradually. make your skin soft and more supple. Ideal for any type of skin, men and women, young & adult.

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